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Apple iOS 10
Posted by Neal Culiner on 08 September 2016 09:05 PM

Today we received the final bits from Apple for iOS 10 to test our apps.  iOS 10 will release to the public on Tuesday, September 13th.  

  • Logbook Pro - no known issues
  • APDL App Store version 7.1.22
    • Map weather radar overlay non-functional
    • Slight interface issues but nothing affecting functionality of the app
  • APDL Public Beta (tested with
    • Map weather radar overlay non-functional
    • One minor layout issue in legality detail

APDL users are encouraged to join our public beta to use our latest builds which will soon be fully functional with iOS 10.  ALL users are cleared to update to iOS 10 at your leisure with the above known issues which are minor and not affecting core functionality.

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