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Announcing APDL version 7.1
Posted by Neal Culiner on 20 May 2015 04:15 PM

Announcing APDL - Version 7.1

Announcing version 7.1 -- a significant update to APDL - The FAR 117 Airline Pilot Logbook for Apple iOS devices running iOS 8.1 and later. In the past two and a half months the APDL team enhanced APDL with over 230 enhancements with just some of them highlighted below. Customer feedback has been outstanding and we appreciate your communications offering amazing new ideas and suggestions for improvement. Continue to keep the feedback coming and please use the community forums for your questions and suggestions so others may participate and learn from your questions. Some of the highlights of this release are as follows:

Revised Legality


As pictured above the legality view is overhauled with an initial presentation of graphical information for your specific trip and date. View where you are within available limits using intuitive color coding as well as important numbers such as your cumulative limits and remaining limits. Tap the top row to drill down into legality detail with all of the information relevant to the trip. Tap the cumulative limits rows to change the related chart detail.

Legality Detail

New Dynamic and Shareable PDF Legality Reports

Trip Sheet Report

You'll find a new "paper" icon in the Trip Sheet as shown below and when tapped APDL will dynamically generate a PDF presentation of your legality for the trip which can be exported and shared, i.e. saved or emailed as desired.

Trip Sheet

Trip Sheet Report

Legality Report

When drilled down into the Legality Detail for a trip a "paper" icon will appear in the upper right. Tap the button to generate extensive detail about the legality of this trip which can be saved or shared such as emailed to any respective party needing detail about a legality situation which will provide great detail into the legality equation. View embedded charts of cumulative limits and other handy information.

Legality Report

Enhanced Status Board - New Widgets

Enhanced Status Board

The status board can be your hub of outstanding information interactive where tapping various rows will take you to related information such as updating a leg, viewing legality, etc. Tap the Edit button on the upper right to add/remove widgets for each of the three available duty phases. The previous "earliest report time" widget is revised to "Available for Duty" to show when you can pickup a duty period. New FAA Alerts widgets show FAA delay and stop info and will color code to yellow for delays and red for ground stops. Tap at any time to view airport status information such as downstream delays as well.

Revised Color Coding with new Projected Mode

You may see "orange" in the app now which will represent when APDL is in "projected mode" for your legality based on current delays. We all know things rarely go on time so how does a delay ripple throughout your day for legality computations? APDL will automatically detect this situation and give you updated values to help you with your legality equation.

Other Improvements

  • Native ARM64 support - 64 bit devices will now perform to the max with the new 64-bit architecture. iPhones: 5S, 6, 6 Plus and iPads: Air/Air 2 and Retina Mini's
  • New AutoFill Now in the Leg editor when eligible allowing you to on command pull in cloud data for your leg. You can use this as a quick schedule importer as well by entering your flight number, departure and destination and APDL will fill in the rest automatically!
  • AutoNight support during Schedule Import
  • Updated Timezones for airports in localities with recent changes to timezone and daylight savings time (i.e. Mexico)
  • Calendar Sync improvements
  • Much faster data-everywhere Sync
  • Integrated progress bars in legality detail on cumulative limits rows showing you the progress towards max allowed
  • New and revised Notifications and Alerts with each level represented in the menu from severe to caution and informational
  • Hotel dialog revised to allow tapping on phone numbers for shuttle, limo, etc. as available
  • Many many more improvements and bug fixes - download your update ASAP to enjoy

Click here to read the full APDL Documentation online.

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All Schedule Importing moving to
Posted by Neal Culiner on 04 May 2015 09:46 PM

Attention Airline Pilots:

We currently run two mirrored systems for airline schedule importing: and

Both systems save to the very same cloud data in your account, you can use each one interchangably at any time.  However, both are completely separate as far as maintaining features and development.  To streamline our development effort, on Sunday May 10th we will be closing the schedule importer and redirecting everyone to to use one schedule importer system.

This does not affect anyone such as Logbook Pro Desktop and Logbook Pro Mobile users, i.e. non APDL users.  Again, the schedule importer saves the data to your cloud account and you can then import the data into any app that integrates with the NC Software Schedule Importer system.  If you have not yet used the schedule importer please click here, sign in with your NC Software account and become familiar with the dedicated site for airline pilots.

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Announcing APDL - The Airline Pilot Logbook for FAR 117
Posted by Neal Culiner on 23 January 2015 04:09 PM

NC Software is proud to announce the immediate availability of APDL - The Airline Pilot Logbook for FAR 117. To view the full announcement with complete product details, please visit:

APDL is available for Apple iOS devices running iOS 7.1 or later and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store:

APDL is available to try FREE for 90 DAYS and includes Schedule Importing.

We hope you give APDL a try and take the complexity out of FAR 117 for airline pilots.

Thank you for being a part of NC Software, Inc. as we take great pride in the quality of our products and absolute best customer care for our customers.


Neal Culiner
President, NC Software, Inc.

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Logbook Pro iOS 5.9.17 Released
Posted by Neal Culiner on 14 November 2014 10:19 AM

NC Software is proud to announce the release of Logbook Pro Mobile for Apple's iOS platform supporting iOS 7.1 and later, version 5.9.17 is now available on the Apple App Store.  Enjoy the latest interface updates mainly for iOS 8 users with larger phones and text sizes, improved performance taking advantage of new technologies in iOS 8, schedule importer improvements for the upcoming change to our brand new schedule importer system, and more tweaks.  Click here to get your app today from the Apple App Store.

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Logbook Pro Desktop 1.16 Released
Posted by Neal Culiner on 28 February 2013 03:30 PM
NC Software is excited to announce another FREE update (as all have been since 1998!) to its leading electronic pilot logbook software - Logbook Pro. Logbook Pro 1.16.0 is now available for all customers to update immediately and enjoy the numerous exciting new features and of course a few bug fixes. To update Logbook Pro now click Help / Check Web for Updates OR click here to download the free update immediately.

One of the major additions to 1.16.0 is the Summary Report. For our current and future airline pilots that have or will have an account, trying to get the numbers much less correct numbers can be a daunting task and without Logbook Pro, an impossible task! When you update Logbook Pro to 1.16.0 a data structure update will occur to support many new features but one of which is the extended Options/Aircraft configuration information. Most of the new columns are to support the Summary Report so be sure to go through your types and configure each one completely, as all should do anyways to get the most out of Logbook Pro's statistics and reporting. Run the report from Reports / Miscellaneous / Summary report and you will now save yourself countless hours and grief, you simply have to key in the numbers on the web site and you're done!

Logbook Pro now uses a new sign-in system so you no longer have to hunt down your cloud Account ID and Username. Simply login with your NC Software web site login (the same as and you're instantly connected to your cloud account to use cloud syncairline schedule importer, and cloud backup. On the top right of the menu area you will see a sign-in button you can click or go to Options / User Info or Cloud Sync / Settings as shown below to sign-in to your cloud account.

Options / Aircraft now has a new column (far right) titled "Active". When adding a new flight log entry there is no reason to have aircraft types in the drop down list that you flew many years ago and are no longer flying. Set the Active to unchecked for types you do not want listed for creating new flight log entries. This will not affect any other area of Logbook Pro such as statistics and reporting.

A new Cover Page is available in the reports menu like we use with our turn-key print jobs. You can now print your own cover pages as needed. In addition, when clicking the toolbar button on the combined tab in split-reports to insert a cover page and binder transitions you will get a prompt whether to use a blank or preformatted cover page, same as shown below. The report will use the name entered in Options / User Info in place of "NC Software" in the sample below.

Reports will now open in a zoom level of "Whole Page" to fill the screen as shown above.

Another new report "Aircraft Stats" is available under the Reports / Aircraft menu as shown below which shows your hours, flights, and last flown detail for each Aircraft you've flown.

With the new columns added to Options / Aircraft for the summary report we were also able to extend the filtering capability in the Analyzer. New filter fields (blue/top) such as shown below are available for you to turn on/off items to really drill down on data in Logbook Pro.

More revisions in outline form:
  • Added Cloud Sync / Test Connection button to test communications with the cloud sync system
  • All web links such as portals, and under the Online menu now open in your default browser instead of internal to Logbook Pro which uses a reduced functionality (aka limited) browser system
  • Clones can now sync with the cloud
  • Logbook Pro Palm and Pocket PC is no longer supported (APDL Palm / Pocket PC remains supported)
  • Typing two spaces at the end of the route cell such as RIC-DFW space space will automatically add a hyphen for you so you have RIC-DFW- and ready to enter the next fix. This is taken from the mobile iOS/Android apps by request.
  • All data areas now have duplicate sync protection when syncing from the cloud. Previously only flights supported this. Now you can sync Certificate/Ratings/History items entered on the device, edit them and they will not duplicate in Logbook Pro Desktop
  • Added "My Subscriptions" button on toolbar to instantly check the status of your subscriptions and include links to renew at any time (subscriptions are extended with each purchase, you can renew at any time)
  • Reorganized the menu/toolbars slightly
  • Changed menu/toolbar theme to "VS 2005" which can be changed to any desired in the View/Menu Style menu.
  • Improvements to reporting in NO DATA situations
  • Aligned date preset filters with summary bar date criteria
  • Fixed an issue where invalid date/time entries were entered in the OOOI field from apps when OOOI fields were not entered. Next cloud sync of data into Desktop will automatically fix prior entries.
  • Fixed an issue in the flight log reports where you could get a header and footer and no data rows in between.
  • Fixed an issue in the Logbook Explorer where the landings columns between day/night were showing crossed info
  • Other minor improvements too small to list

We highly recommend ALL users update to Logbook Pro Desktop 1.16.0 at your earliest convenience. This is our best release ever and has new and exciting features to help you as a pilot. Many of these new features and fixes came from outstanding feedback from our outstanding customers! If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us and we'll gladly assist you and also note your suggestions to make the products better for everyone.

Thank you for choosing Logbook Pro!
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Convert from other logbook programs FREE
Posted by Neal on 05 January 2011 10:36 PM

Did you know we'll convert your data from any other electronic flight logbook software - FREE?  If you made the wrong decision once, don't make it again, you've come to the right place with Logbook Pro.  Logbook Pro has been the leading flight logbook software for pilots since 1998 and we have the most accurate, trusted, stable, and proven logbook solution of any on the market.  Our software doesn't suffer data corruption, lost data, inaccurate information, and slow presentation of data like others.  In fact no other product can analyze and report on your flight logbook data like Logbook Pro can, a must for interviews, applications, and insurance forms. 

We want you to have nothing but the best so let us help you make the transition to what you should have been using all along.  Check out our knowledgebase articles on data conversions and send us your other logbook software data file to (preferably in a zip file) and we'll get right to work for you.  Our most common data conversions are Coradine's LogTen, FlightLevel, SafeLog, and Jeppesen Mentor/Flite Log.  We have done just about all of them so your data conversion is just an inquiry away and we typically get your data converted within one business day.  Enjoy the best mobile apps on the market including our just released iPhone and iPad version 2 apps, both of which are FREE, and the upcoming Android and Windows Phone 7 editions.  You've come to the right place, let's get you converted to the right software today.

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Stay informed via Newsletters
Posted by Neal on 20 February 2010 04:37 PM

If you'd like to stay informed about our products, future development, supported platforms, and learn how to get more out of our software, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters.  Our newsletter subscriptions are strictly confidential and used solely by us to send you our monthly newsletter.  We'll bring the information to you, you don't have to come looking for it.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

To manage your newsletter subscription click here.  To view previous newsletters click here.

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