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Android 7 "Nougat" Supported
Posted by Neal Culiner on 23 August 2016 09:48 AM

NC Software is excited to announce Logbook Pro for Android 7.0.9 is certified for Android 7.0 "Nougat" just released by Google.  Click here to get the latest Logbook Pro for your Android powered device on Google Play.

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August Newsletter
Posted by Neal Culiner on 20 August 2016 08:04 PM

The August newsletter is now available.  Click here to read now.

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Ready for your Interview?
Posted by Neal Culiner on 17 August 2016 12:47 PM

Airline pilot hiring is on the rise and expected to increase and remain steady.  This is GREAT news for our airline pilots that have had a rough go for the past too many years.  We've been working overtime to help airline pilots prepare for their career dream interviews and we want to help you too.  Let us take the worry out of your interview preparation by hiring us to handle your logbook needs.

  1. Not digital yet? Take a look at our Data Entry Service where we can transfer your paper messy logs to professional clean accountable logging courtesy of Logbook Pro
  2. Ready to print for your presentation?  Our Turn-Key Printing Service will take your provided Logbook Pro Backup and turn it into a color laser printed interview ready solution.
  3. Binder up with one of Cirrus Elite's professional leather binders such as the Commander or Full Size series binders for career pilots with full paper sized layouts
  4. Spend your important time preparing for the interview and let us handle your logbook related needs.

If you have any questions or need immediate "expedited" services, we can get it to you next day and first thing in the morning as needed.  We will make it happen for you!  Contact us now if you have any questions after reviewing the above links.

Congrats on your interview and we hope you will be like many before you with their Logbook Pro trusted flying career data in hand - YOU'RE HIRED!

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Calling All Airline Pilots
Posted by Neal Culiner on 29 July 2016 10:42 AM

Attention All Airline Pilots:

We are in the final stages of testing a major new release of our iOS FAR 117 app "APDL" and we would love for you to join our beta team and test this new build and enjoy all of the new functionality available to you now in public beta.  If you have an iOS device all you need to do is click here and join our public beta and we'll have Apple send you an invite to install on your device.  We look forward to your feedback in our public beta forum and you can enjoy this amazing app for your FAR 117 logbook needs with tons of helpful features you'll love.  So click here and join our public beta now and let's get started testing with the hundreds of others testing now.

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Logbook Pro Mobile 7.0.9 Released
Posted by Neal Culiner on 13 July 2016 09:55 AM
NC Software is happy to announce the release of version 7.0.9 of Logbook Pro Mobile for both iOS and Android powered devices.  This is a minor update adding a new validation check when editing a flight and changing Takeoff/Land and/or Out/In times and the Duration needs to be recalculated (as well as AutoFill and Auto Night).  In addition other bug fixes and stability improvements are included as usual in any maintenance release.

Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad users click here

Android 4.x or later users click here

We hope you enjoy the latest and greatest updates to Logbook Pro on your mobile devices.  Thank you for the outstanding feedback making the products what they have come to today serving the aviation community in pilot logbook software.
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Want to be a Beta Tester?
Posted by Neal Culiner on 29 February 2016 05:09 PM

We are opening up our beta tester program to start adding public beta testers.  For more details click here.

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Convert from other logbook programs FREE
Posted by Neal on 05 January 2011 10:36 PM

Did you know we'll convert your data from any other electronic flight logbook software - FREE?  If you made the wrong decision once, don't make it again, you've come to the right place with Logbook Pro.  Logbook Pro has been the leading flight logbook software for pilots since 1998 and we have the most accurate, trusted, stable, and proven logbook solution of any on the market.  Our software doesn't suffer data corruption, lost data, inaccurate information, and slow presentation of data like others.  In fact no other product can analyze and report on your flight logbook data like Logbook Pro can, a must for interviews, applications, and insurance forms. 

We want you to have nothing but the best so let us help you make the transition to what you should have been using all along.  Check out our knowledgebase articles on data conversions and send us your other logbook software data file to (preferably in a zip file) and we'll get right to work for you.  Our most common data conversions are Coradine's LogTen, FlightLevel, SafeLog, and Jeppesen Mentor/Flite Log.  We have done just about all of them so your data conversion is just an inquiry away and we typically get your data converted within one business day.  Enjoy the best mobile apps on the market including our just released iPhone and iPad version 2 apps, both of which are FREE, and the upcoming Android and Windows Phone 7 editions.  You've come to the right place, let's get you converted to the right software today.

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Stay informed via Newsletters
Posted by Neal on 20 February 2010 04:37 PM

If you'd like to stay informed about our products, future development, supported platforms, and learn how to get more out of our software, be sure to subscribe to our newsletters.  Our newsletter subscriptions are strictly confidential and used solely by us to send you our monthly newsletter.  We'll bring the information to you, you don't have to come looking for it.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

To manage your newsletter subscription click here.  To view previous newsletters click here.

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