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Introducing Commander Binder Lite
Posted by Neal Culiner on 31 August 2019 07:30 AM
The Commander Binder is one of our most popular binders with its high capacity format for career pilots. Cirrus Elite has been unable to acquire the larger 2 inch rings with 250 page capacity due to a supplier issue. Cirrus Elite has been able to acquire a slightly smaller ring size of 1.5 inches which slightly reduces the capacity of the Commander binder to 200 physical pages and hence we'll be calling this the Commander Binder Lite. There is a limited supply at this time and Cirrus Elite will continue to look for a new supplier with the higher capacity 2 inch rings. This is still a great option with twice the capacity of the Full Size binder which is our second best seller. 

Note: To ensure Logbook Pro calculates the capacity properly for multiple binder printing should your data exceed the capacity of a single Commander Binder Lite binder we recommend going into Options > User Info and set your binder to "Full Size" which is a lower capacity. If Logbook Pro warns you that your data will not fit into one binder it will prompt you for the page break point. Set 200 for the input value and this will properly calculate for the Commander Binder Lite capacity.

To order your Commander Binder Lite binder click here.

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