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APDL 8.3 Released and Now Only $99/year
Posted by Neal Culiner on 07 April 2017 11:02 AM
NC Software is excited to announce the release of APDL - The Airline Pilot Logbook App for Apple iOS devices version 8.3. Click here to go to the Apple App Store to download now. New users enjoy a FREE 90 DAY TRIAL including schedule importing. 

Also in the news: APDL is now only $99/year! Click here to buy now or extend your current subscriptions at the new lower price.

Version 8.3 Release Notes:

This release introduces a new feature: Settings Checklist. It ensures all required settings are set and populates APDL with types, tails, and crew members based on your airline. The feature is geared towards new users but can also be run by a current user to update APDL’s types, tails, and crew members and review your configuration to ensure it is optimal for APDL use. You can check out the new feature in Settings -> Settings Checklist (bottom of view).

Additional Revisions:

  • Added APDL Toolkit support for Piedmont Airlines, Inc. D/B/A Henson Aviation/US Air Express
  • Added APDL Toolkit support for SkyWest Airlines
  • Prevent Process in Paste & Process from progressing if there’s nothing pasted
  • Indicate if landing is night or day in leg editor
  • Update performance stats so only legs actually flown are included
  • Fix various issues related to Released payroll category
  • Look back from the end of each flight’s UTC calendar day for 1000 hours in 365 days cumulative flight time totals.
  • Fix issues with Check Schedule and FLICA
  • Improve display of various Flight Time limits.
  • Switch to Calendar view as the default view instead of Status Board (this can be configured in Settings > General - App Resume Setting)

Please keep feedback coming to help make APDL great for all users and we welcome your App Store reviews. Thank you for choosing APDL - The Airline Pilot's Logbook.

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