How do I transfer Logbook Pro to a new computer?
Published 06 March 2012 04:19 PM (Article ID: 8)

To transfer your license to a new computer do the following:

  1. Create a backup of your data file on the old computer by clicking File..Backup to File (you can also upload this backup to our server if you have a Cloud Backup subscription)
  2. Download Logbook Pro and install it to your new computer
  3. Restore the .BAK file created in Step 1 above by clicking File..Archive..Restore OR if prompted on the new system with a NEW/OPEN/RESTORE dialog - choose RESTORE.  When prompted for restore location it is suggested you select the DEFAULT option.
  4. Deactivate your license on the old computer by clicking Help...Deactivate License (if you cannot find this menu option you have a very old version of Logbook Pro installed and you can skip this step)
  5. Activate your new computer using your issued name/unlock code information from the time of purchase.  If you do not have this information click here.

Optional (transfer computer specific settings)

Customizations and layout information is not transferred with the backup (.BAK) file, which is something we are improving in our next version.  To do a seamless transfer to your new computer which includes your layout configurations, preferences, etc., follow the steps below.  These steps involve using your computer's registry and if done wrong can cause problems!  So please follow these steps carefully!

- Open the Registry Editor by clicking Start...Run and typing in REGEDIT then click OK (if you don't have a Start...Run then just type in "regedit" into the search box above the start button) 
- Expand VB and VBA Program Settings

You'll see a few entries on the left side with the name "Logbook Pro" in it.  Typically there are two:  "Logbook Pro" and then "Logbook Pro {Your Data File Name}".  For example, if my data file is named "NCSoftware.lbk" then I'll see an entry "Logbook Pro NCSoftware" and this is the one you want!  Select this entry then click the File...Export menu option.  Save this file and transfer this file to your new computer, then double-click it and answer YES when prompted.  Your settings are now transferred from your old computer to your new computer!

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