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Logbook Pro for Android 8.0 Released
Posted by Neal Culiner on 28 May 2022 10:21 AM
NC Software is excited to announce a huge update to Logbook Pro for Android OS. Click here to download now or visit Google Play on your Android devices to install the update. Please post or update your reviews and let us know what you think of this exciting and major update we've been working hard on for months.

Major update to Logbook Pro for Android

-Android OS 12 support
-Light and Dark theme selection or follow OS
-Endorsement tracking
-Print endorsements from 
-Auto night in offline mode
-Search functionality in data lists
-Ability to purchase subscriptions in-app
-Significant performance improvements
-Many bug fixes and user interface improvements

Thank you for choosing Logbook Pro and we hope you enjoy the apps for your flight logbook needs.

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