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Apple iOS 15
Posted by Neal Culiner on 20 September 2021 08:05 AM
Today Apple will release the annual update to its operating system - iOS 15. We've conducted preliminary testing on Apple's release candidates and so far no issues have been found with both Logbook Pro and APDL. Check back later after we conduct more testing on the final release due out today. At this time we so no reason not to install iOS 15 when it releases but if you want to wait for our green flag check back to see any updates to this article.


iOS 15 final released yesterday. Both Logbook Pro and APDL appear to have no issues under the final release of iOS 15. We give iOS 15 a GREEN LIGHT at this time for those wanting to upgrade.


We are getting a few reports regarding calendar sync in APDL. We are investigating and will include a fix in the next update once we determine the problem.


We believe the problem may be that iOS 15 is shutting down APDL early when suspending (leaving) the app and not allowing our exit operations to complete. If experiencing issues such as calendar or image sync, after doing what you need in APDL such as importing, adding, editing, etc. let APDL sit for 30 seconds before existing the application. This will allow APDL's sync operations to complete prior to suspending the app.

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