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APDL 10 Released
Posted by Neal Culiner on 25 November 2020 06:56 PM

NC Software is excited to introduce a major update to APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook version 10.0. This release brings dark and light theming to follow your device theme setting or manually override it from the Settings > General area. We've dramatically improved startup time and improved other areas for an amazing app experience. We continue to work on this amazing app serving the airline pilot community and welcome your continued feedback helping to shape the great features yet ahead. Please find the revisions below also included in this major update.

  • Dramatically reduced startup time
  • Dark and Light Theme support available in Settings > General
  • Fixed an iOS 14 issue with the weather map area
  • iOS 14 support
  • Improved autofill of aircraft tails and associated logic
  • Fixed an issue with the account creation screen where input characters were not visible
  • Long press in Calendar view restored
  • APDL Toolkit from the Safari browser integration supports iOS theming
  • Weather map shows a flying timeline
  • Improved graphics within the app in a newly styled menu
  • Support for modal dialog gestures such as the Leg and Duty editor on iPads which allow dragging to peek under the dialog
  • Fixed an issue with timezone conversions in rare cases with airports that have conflicting FAA codes with international IATA codes
  • Numerous other enhancements and of course bug fixes from reports

We hope you enjoy this update and welcome your 5 star rating to show your support to our hardworking developers working day in and day out to make APDL the absolute best app for airline pilots. Please let us know what you'd like to see in future releases by giving your feedback in our community forums via the suggestion forum. Fly safe and thank you for choosing APDL.

If you are new to APDL click here to download now and enjoy FREE for the first 90 days.

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