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APDL 9.3 Released
Posted by Neal Culiner on 01 May 2020 08:04 AM

A major update to APDL is available with significant updates taking advantage of iOS 13. Revisions include:

- Change: Due to iOS 13 architecture changes the ability to specify the startup screen in Settings is removed
-- APDL opens to the last main menu view when the device powers on. If iOS closes APDL for a non-crash reason, the application will re-open to the previous view
- Improved application stability when in the background
- Improved battery life
- Today icons added to Weather Map, Payroll, Summary, and Search views
- Weather Map TAF/METAR icon updated
- Summary/Payroll Edit mode icon updated
- When choosing Crewmembers a new "Me" option is available to easily select yourself as the crewmember for the crew position
- Improvements to Default Aircraft Type
- Imported Tails will now go to your Default Aircraft Type by default. If you wish to have them go to Undefined Type(s) set that as your default
- Fixed for syncing Reserve Categories across devices
- Improved What's New screen
- Improved Sync algorithms
- iPad display issues with popup/modal dialogs
- Check Schedule updated with latest FLICA airline support
- Improved Search
- 3D Shortcuts launch time improved. Open directly to Status Board, Schedule, Current Duty, or Legality Views
- "Load Route" shortcut double-action menu fixed
- Added "Delete RAP" as a shortcut menu item per UserVoice input
- Estimated Times labeled standardized to OOOI names
- Added "Estimated On" row to Estimated Times view
- Improved ReserveCategory entity handling. Complete functionally app side to include edit/add/delete controls for this entity
- Fixed: Crew notes issues
- Fixed: Auto Night Calculation with Autofill actual times
- Fixed: Leg Editor Payroll selections with multiple leg options on iPad, fixed
- Other various bug fixes and performance improvements

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