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How many binders will I need?
Published 04 October 2019 02:33 PM (Article ID: 70)

We sell four binders by Cirrus Elite Corp:

  1. Commander Series - our largest binder holding approximately 250 pages (Commander Binder Lite 200 pages)
  2. Full Size Desk/Carry Model - A popular full-size binder holding approximately 100 pages
  3. Premier / Sport - a professional binder but in smaller form factor than #1/#2 above.  This binder holds between 50 and 80 pages.

The Commander/Full Size series reports print 25 rows per page.  The Premier/Old-World/Sport series is 19 lines per page.

To determine the number of binders you'll need for the logbook printout alone follow the steps below:

  1. First we need to run the report that we're going to print, the Split-Reports is the preferred report system for the Cirrus Elite binders.
  2. For the commander or full-size desk/carry model click Reports..Flight Log..Split-Reports..Jeppesen Style, otherwise choose the Premier/Old-World option
  3. Click ALL DATA so you don't apply a date filter (bottom left of calendars)
  4. After the report is finished processing click the COMBINED tab at the bottom and then go to the last page of the report. You can go to the last page of the report by clicking the >| button on the report toolbar. Take note of the LAST page number and divide this by two.
  5. The result of #4 above is the number of printed pages (front/back) that will be required to print your flight log portion, other reports printed from Logbook Pro will need to be added as well.  Based on the number of pages a binder can hold (as described above) you can now calculate the number of binders needed.

If you'd like us to determine the number of binders required simply send us a backup of your Logbook Pro data file (File..Archive..Backup). We'll gladly assist you and help you with a binder choice that best fits your needs. We also offer a turn-key printing service if you'd like us to handle all aspects of printing for you.

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