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Column header sort makes data disappear
Published 09 June 2022 03:04 PM (Article ID: 216)
There is a bug in the Spreadsheet Logbook area (only) where clicking a column header to force a sort on that column will cause all data to disappear. This can also occur when using the filter (funnel) button on the sub-toolbar in the spreadsheet log area and using any of the date presets such as "Last month" etc. 

To clear a sort from clicking a column header simply click File > Close Logbook (Spreadsheet Style) and then reopen the spreadsheet style log area. Logbook Pro will sort properly and display all data when the data area is open.

To use the custom filter set your start date to the earliest date or a bogus start date such as 1/1/1950 then set the end date to the current date or end of the year. You can also explicitly set the start and ending date for any date ranges you desire to filter. Once set click UPDATE on the right side of the filter toolbar.

As this bug is extremely minor and easily overcome there are no planned software updates to correct this issue. If you require support please submit a ticket at
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