Printing for the Commander Binder Lite model
Published 05 September 2019 05:53 PM (Article ID: 215)
Cirrus Elite's Commander Binder has 2 inch rings which hold approximately 250 physical pages. The supplies for the 2 inch rings is unable to supply the rings and Cirrus Elite is looking for other options. In the interim they were able to find the same ring pattern with 1.5 inch rings which hold approximately 200 physical pages, slightly less, and they are calling this the "Commander Binder Lite". 

Logbook Pro Desktop has an option in Options > User Info to specify your binder format as the Commander series binder. This instructs Logbook Pro to prompt the user to print for multiple binders if the total physical pages will exceed 250 (page number 500 in the software with duplex (front/back) printing). If printing for the Commander Binder Lite this option will not work for you as the page break will be too late. Instead we recommend selecting the "Full Size" binder in Options > User Info and then if prompted to split for multiple binders change the suggested value for the split point from 100 to 200. 

If you have any questions on printing with Logbook Pro please reach out to our support team via the help desk at any time.
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