How do I import my IOCC Netline Schedule
Published 08 January 2018 11:52 AM (Article ID: 212)
The IOCC Netline schedule format must be copied is a specific way for use in our Airline Schedule Importer.

1. Open two browser windows.  One with your Netline schedule the other to Schedule Importer at

2. Copy the Header Information from "Individual Duty Plan" through "if not in home base timezone" and paste that into the Schedule Importer window.

3. Skip over the summary area

4. Copy starting at "date H duty  R...." through the end of the pairings on that page and paste it into the schedule importer.   If you have pairings on a second page copy from the Day & Date (i.e. Wed 27) through the last pairing on that page and paste it into the schedule importer

5. Process import your trip into your desired application I.A.W. with the directions on the schedule importer webpage. 
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