AutoFILL entered a type that is a generic title, how do I change this?
Published 10 January 2015 12:43 PM (Article ID: 193)

AutoFILL uses cloud resources to automatically enter OOOI, Airports, Gates, and Aircraft.  Some of the cloud resources use generic terms for Aircraft such as CRJ2.  You can edit the aircraft type auto-added in Settings/Aircraft.  When AutoFILL triggers it will take the tail number from the leg and try to match that to a prior setting in your database and if it finds the type it will use that before creating a new generic type.  Therefore once you correct the CRJ2 to what you want it to show the next time the same tail number is flown it will automatically find and pair the type to what you changed it to.  It will take a bit of time to settle in the data with your flying activity but will soon become fully automated logging for you.

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