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Can I try the Schedule Importer without a purchase?
Published 10 January 2015 12:45 PM (Article ID: 138)

YES!  The Airline Schedule Importer can be tested to ensure it is able to parse your trip data without any purchase required.  Login to (create an account if needed, no purchase required) and you can access the airline schedule importer portal.  You can paste in your trip data and click the process trips button and review the trip data in the grid below the process trips button and expand each row by clicking the + to the left of the row.  The processed trip data is NOT STORED while evaluating the portal, therefore, it cannot be used or exported beyond review of the information online.

Once you've reviewed the schedule importer and want to use it with any of our products that integrate with the schedule importer such as APDL, Logbook Pro Desktop, Logbook Pro for iPhone/iPad, and Logbook Pro for Android Phone/Tablet, or export to FFDO, iCalendar, or CSV/TAB you can purchase a subscription instantly online from

Note:  APDL for iOS includes schedule importing, a separate subscription purchase is not required.

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