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How to sync with devices using a single shared computer with the Enterprise Edition
Published 27 July 2011 07:46 PM (Article ID: 134)

If you have a computer shared by multiple pilots, i.e. you're using a Logbook Pro Enterprise Edition license, you can easily sync each pilots device without conflicting with other pilots using the same computer.  If sharing the same Windows Login, each pilot uses their own separate "data file" (.LBK file).  The data file name for each pilot needs to be unique, i.e. "Janes Logbook.lbk" "Johns Logbook.lbk" and this allows Logbook Pro to keep settings separated as Logbook Pro stores settings based off of the data file name used.  Each pilot needs to have their own account at and can create one, free, on the right side of the login page.  When logged in and then clicking "My Account" on the top right of the home page you will find your individual Account ID and Username.  This pair of credentials goes in the Options/User Info area of Logbook Pro PC and the Settings/Synchronization area of the device (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.).  Now that the user's PC edition and Device are paired together by sharing these same credentials, they can now sync.

It is a better practice that people sharing a computer have their own separate logins.  By having a separate login there is no chance of a "file name collission" as each logged on user in Windows has their own registry section.  If you use separate logins, every pilot could then use the same file name as the stored settings are now isolated by windows login.

To share a device such as an iPad by multiple users, click here for an article on how to do this.

If you have any questions about this please contact support for assistance.

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