How to verify Cloud Sync is working
Published 08 May 2017 09:31 AM (Article ID: 129)
Follow the steps below to troubleshoot sync issues:
  1. First verify your subscription and NC Software account by logging into 
  2. In Logbook Pro Desktop verify the same NC Software account is signed in. You can do this from Cloud Sync > Settings or Options > User Info.  Sign out then sign in again using the same NC Software account per #1 above
  3. Sync your PC by clicking Cloud Sync > Sync Now
  4. For any mobile devices go to the My Account area and verify the account you're logged into and that it matches the same account as logged in with Logbook Pro Desktop
  5. Return to the Home Screen and Sync
  6. View the REPORTS items to verify the dates at the top represent the date and time you just synced your PC and the data is valid from your PC data
If you have data on the device that is not synced to your PC please try the following:

  1. Tap each item that you want to resync and save it again, this will mark it as unsynced
  2. Sync the app from the Home Screen
  3. To resync all data on your device go to Settings > Synchronization and tap the option at the bottom to mark all as unsynced
  4. Sync the app from the Home Screen
  5. Login to and verify the data from your app is staged in the cloud
  6. In Logbook Pro Desktop click Cloud Sync > Sync Now to bring in the data from the cloud
  7. Verify in the logbook area your data from the mobile device did sync the data as expected

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