How to verify Cloud Sync is working
Published 18 September 2013 11:19 AM (Article ID: 129)

Cloud sync is an extremely fast and reliable system to exchange information between Logbook Pro Desktop edition and participating devices such as Logbook Pro for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and NOOK.  If you think something isn't working right, try the steps below to ensure it is in fact working.

In order for Cloud Sync to work you must have an Internet connection.  The only time Logbook Pro requires an Internet connection is during synchronization. 

  1. Verify that you have an Internet connection by opening a web page on your device. 
  2. If you are having a problem reaching the Internet, try power cycling (rebooting) your device and also make sure you are not in airplane mode.
  3. Make sure you have the latest versions installed as outlined here
  4. Next, let's check that both sides are signed in to the same account. In Logbook Pro Desktop look at the far right side of the menu at the top of the screen, it should show you signed in with your account. 
  5. Now in the device, go to My Account and see that it is signed in to the same account. (Settings/Synchronization on Android until the new sign-in system is released like now used in iOS)
  6. If you have data on your iOS device go to Settings/Synchronization and tap the red button at the bottom to mark all as unsynced.  On Android long press in the flights screen to mark all as unsynced. Otherwise, add a few test entries to verify sync works.
  7. Return back to the Home Screen and tap the Sync button
  8. Verify your device is syncing by logging in to and see if your app data is present.
  9. Now from your desktop click Cloud Sync / Sync Now to sync that information into your desktop logbook. You should see your data.

If Logbook Pro Desktop edition is not syncing make sure you can reach the Internet from within Logbook Pro Desktop edition by clicking Cloud Sync / Test Connection (version 1.16 or later required).  If you are not getting to the Internet check your anti-virus (security) software for possible blocks and/or your firewall configuration.

Please note that DATA (Certificates, Ratings, History, and Flights) are a one-way sync from device to Desktop.  Data on your PC will not appear on your device after synchronization. 

Please review the product documentation at or for more information.

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