How to install the Documentation file
Published 16 June 2018 12:01 PM (Article ID: 122)

Starting with Logbook Pro PC edition version 1.11.0 we no longer include the documentation in the installation which cuts the installer down 7 MB as well as any future patches.  When clicking Help...Documentation in Logbook Pro it will point to the web help located at which is the same documentation but in a web format.  If you do not have Internet access at the times you use Logbook Pro and want the embedded documentation click here to download the documentation in a zip file.  Extract the file "Logbook.chm" out of the zip file and place this file in your Logbook Pro installation path which is typically:  C:\Program Files\Logbook Pro (if x64 then C:\Program Files (x86)\Logbook Pro).  Restart Logbook Pro and it will detect the documentation and enable the integrated help features.

We update the documentation from time to time to keep up with our iPhone and iPad apps as well as any revisions to the software.  The web based help is always the latest information.  You can download the new documentation after any new release/update of Logbook Pro and follow the instructions above overwriting the prior Logbook.chm file.

If you have any questions please contact us via the help desk.

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