How do I do a mass-carryover from my paper logbook
Published 02 July 2009 01:40 PM (Article ID: 12)

Transfering your data into Logbook Pro is very easy. However, there are several considerations for tranfering your data. Here are a few cases to study, pick which one fits your scenario best:

1) As with any paper logbook, make a one line entry that carries forward all of your totals. Once this line is entered, simply continue logging your flights normally. The issue here is that Logbook Pro's analytical features break down your flight information by aircraft type. If you make a one line entry, you will need to assign that to an aircraft. If you only fly one type of aircraft, there won't be a problem, however, if you fly multiple types of aircraft, as most of us have in our flying careers, the data will be skewed by this one line grand total entry. We suggest creating a fictitious aircraft type and name it "Transfer". Now, as you continue to log information into Logbook Pro accurately by aircraft type, the data will reflect correctly and the summaries will not be skewed. You will see data reflected under the aircraft type "transfer" when printing reports grouped by aircraft type.

2) A second option is to break your grand total times down by aircraft type. When entering your "one line" entries, make a grand total entry for each aircraft type and this way your summaries will reflect accordingly.

3) The most accurate and preferred method, which can take some time, is to enter the flights from your paper logbook manually. Logbook Pro will sort flight information by date every time the flight log portion is opened, so don't worry about the order the information is entered. You can enter flights from this week and then enter flights from 1983 and Logbook Pro will handle them just fine. Logbook Pro remembers information from previous flights entered to save you a lot of time when it comes to keying in all the information.

*Note: Logbook Pro requires the minimum fields of Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM). Enter "Transfer" or "N/A" as required/desired to satisfy the minimum flight entry requirements.

NC Software offers a data entry service where we can take your paper logbooks and enter the information line by line into Logbook Pro.  If interested in this service click here. 

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