How do I sync two PC's with the Professional Edition?
Published 16 June 2018 11:58 AM (Article ID: 11)

The Professional Edition license authorizes the use of two computers for the use of one pilot's logbook. The typical scenario, and the one we'll use for this example, a pilot that has a HOME computer and a LAPTOP computer he/she takes on the road.

This scenario assumes the Professional Edition is installed and licensed on both the Home and Laptop computer.

There are two scenarios for using both computers:

1) If you are not going to use the computers simultaneously, i.e. you log flights on the Home computer, then when on the road, use the Laptop computer, upon return, use the Home computer again, this scenario is preferred.

a. Log flights as usual on the Home computer

b. When ready to travel, create a Backup (File...Archive...Backup) on the Home computer. Save the backup to removable media, such as a floppy drive, unless the two computers are connected through a network

c. Transfer the Backup (.BAK) file to the laptop computer

d. Restore the .BAK file for use on the Laptop computer (File...Archive...Restore)

e. The Laptop is now ready for use, log flights normally

f. Upon returning home, create a backup of the logbook on the Laptop, transfer the .BAK file to the Home computer, restore for use

2) Use the Synchronize Wizard as outlined in the Logbook Pro Help Documentation

a. From the Home computer, which we'll call the Master, create a clone

b. Transfer the clone to the laptop computer. You can do this by using the Export to a .LBX file (compressed file) and save to a floppy OR open the clone file on the Home computer and create a backup

c. Import the .LBX file using the Synchronize Wizard on the Laptop, then activate it (set it for use) per the wizard's instructions. If you created a backup instead, restore it for use

d. Use the laptop computer making all flight entries on the Clone file

e. When ready to transfer back to the Home (Master) computer, either export it to a .LBX file using the Synchronize Wizard option, or create a backup and restore the Clone to the Home computer

f. Restore the .BAK file or Import the .LBX file to the Home computer, but do NOT activate it, if using the Import option

g. Use the Synchronize Wizard, starting the process from the Master file (Home computer) and selecting the Clone file to Sync with.

h. When the process is complete, both files are now synchronized. The clone can either be deleted, or sent back to the laptop for use. It's best to create another clone when ready to use the laptop again, OR, sync the two files so the laptop file receives the latest Home computer updates prior to sending back to the laptop for use.

Documentation for the PC-to-PC Sync Wizard:

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