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Converting from FlightLevel
Published 24 April 2012 10:25 AM (Article ID: 106)

We are able to convert most versions of FlightLevel logbook software.  Instructions are below but it is best if you send us your FlightLevel backup (.BCK) file and we'll take care of the conversion for you.  Conversions are done as a free one-time service for our new customers.

To import your FlightLevel 2003 data file, please follow the steps below. If you have an older version, download the FL2003 demo which will update your data file and then you can use the procedure below:
  1. FL2003 stores flight information in a .DBF file which can be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. View your FL2003 data files in Windows Explorer (Details View) and you'll see the largest file size and/or most recent file date that will identify this file as the one holding your flight data
  2. Open the .DBF file in Microsoft Excel (or any spreadsheet program that can open DBF files)
  3. Notice the column headers FLD1, FLD2, etc. These need to be renamed so you can identify the data for each column.
  4. Using Microsoft Access, open the file "flmd03fd.mdb" and double click the Table "SFTable" and you'll see the mappings, for example FLD1 is "Block Time". Rename all the column headers so you can easily read which column is which data
  5. Close Microsoft Access after the column headers have been renamed
  6. FL2003 may not track all fields Logbook Pro uses such as it uses Day Landings and Total Landings in some cases. Using Microsoft Excel you can add a blank column then create a formula that subtracts Day Landings from Total Landings and this will be your Night Landings. You can create the formula in the top cell then click and drag the small black square on the lower right of the cell and drag down to propagate the formula down all rows.
  7. After the data is reviewed to ensure all rows have the required fields of Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or Sim) you can save the data file to a TAB delimited text data file. (Columns that are not importable can be deleted as well as those Logbook Pro cannot receive from FlightLevel such as Approaches)
  8. Prepare Logbook Pro for the import by creating any custom columns that need to be added to receive your FL data such as FAR 91, etc. Go to Options...Custom and add any custom columns so they appear as targets when using the Import Wizard
  9. Ensure you let Logbook Pro BACKUP your existing data file prior to ANY import operations in the event you need to revert to a backup prior to this import should it not work as you desire the first attempt. Evaluation users can also import however Logbook Pro will cease importing once your logbook caps out at the 50-entry limit.
  10. Verify Verify Verify! Verify the integrity of your data, etc.

    *FlightLevel may use the top rows of the data file for summary information. These rows must be deleted PRIOR to saving the DBF to a TAB delimited data file. Only Flight Log Entry rows can be imported to Logbook Pro.
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