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APDL 9.2 Released
Posted by Neal Culiner on 19 October 2019 10:07 AM

APDL - Airline Pilot Logbook version 9.2 contains significant improvements for pilots on reserve and pilots that don’t routinely use Check Schedules or Schedule Import.


- Various UI formatting improvements for iOS 13.
- Predefined Reserve Availability Periods.
- Create custom RAP periods to match your Airline’s specific report times.
- Single tap from the Schedule or Calendar views to Log a flight.
- Tap on a RAP period to change times are add a flight.
- Long-press shortcut actions Import Trip, Copy/Paste, and View Trip Sheet, Open in Map, and Copy Route improve app navigation.
- Long-press on Calendar and Schedule days to display shortcut menu.
- Long-press shortcut menu items also added to flight widgets in Status Board, and flight rows in Trip View.
- Estimated Takeoff Time and Estimated Taxi Out time inputs added to Latest Available Takeoff Time Calculator for more precise schedule estimates.

Bug Fixes:

- References to Reserve (SCR) changed to Short Call Reserve (SCR).
- LATT calculation improved when a RAP period is defined.
- §117.21.b.3-4 RAP and FDP added to Projected Mode.
- Only show missing Aircraft if there are other missing items in crosscheck leg.
- Planned Route on all maps show actual filed flight plan, points no longer smoothed.
- Fix issue where Aircraft couldn’t be created from Aircraft picker when opened from Leg editor
- Fix crash when prompted to set Airline if not set

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