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Announcing APDL version 8.0
Posted by Neal Culiner on 24 October 2016 11:41 AM

Announcing APDL Version 8.0

  • Optimized for iOS 10
  • APDL Toolkit: Safari Browser integration accessed from the share button and then adding "APDL Toolkit" allows seamless and automated schedule importing
    • Navigate to your schedule and then tap the APDL Toolkit from the share button and choose Process Page or select a trip and choose Process Selection 
  • Advanced schedule importing and change detection. APDL will show changes in your schedules when trips change and allow you to accept or reject changes. 
  • Schedule Importing on is automatically synced to APDL for seamless data transfer
  • APDL Flight Export on allows the export of APDL flying activity to any logbook of your choice such as Logbook Pro
  • 3D Touch, Peek and Pop, Application Shortcuts integration for force touch capable devices
  • Application Access Security with Touch ID or iOS Passcode to prevent unwanted modifications to data when sharing devices
  • New Status Board widgets to allow you to customize and present data per duty phase as desired. Hotel/Van Departure, Route Map, Hotel, Legality and Rest, Gates, Solar data, FAA alerts and more
  • More granular control of calendar sync now configured per payroll category
  • Trip Sheet shows gates, turn times, on time performance
  • New color scheme for better data presentation and information highlighting
  • New Schedule view with more concise data to show more schedule per screen
  • New prior/future rest legality information added to legality detail status view and reports
  • Inline progress bars show data presentation and limits as well as color coded when nearing limits
  • On-time performance D0, D15, A14 now available on all devices in Summary view
  • Advanced Search throughout the app
  • Search indexes on right side for quick nav
  • Ability to search data within your airline or all data as your career progresses and you manage data over the lifetime of the app with additional filters available per data area
  • Data is now tied to employer/airline so when changing employment crewmembers, tails, etc. will auto-hide to avoid clutter
  • Ability to archive data such as retired aircraft or types no longer flown, crewmembers no longer with the company, etc.
  • Row swipe actions in various areas such as archive/unarchive and more
  • More settings to allow more control of the app and customize to your needs such as preferred airport code, ability to hide gross pay in menu, security options
  • Schedule importer time zone support
  • More details for airline employment tracking for future resume use, notes, etc.
  • Drill down data to view Flights or Crew associated to various items such as finding flights with a crewmember, etc.
  • New "This is me" setting in crewmember settings to identify you to the app and automate crew assignments
  • More notes fields across various areas to record information such as Hotel, Crew, Leg, Airports, etc.
  • Advanced Resources available for each Leg such as EDCT, FlightAware, and FlightStats information about flights, airports, weather, and more
  • Improved Calendar Sync
  • Gate and Equipment change iOS notification integration
  • Resume improvements and also available on
  • Weather map and radar overlay fixes and improvements
  • Improved AutoFill and Sync
  • Improved crewmember layout for leg assignments
  • Social Networking integration to share flight activity to Facebook or Twitter if desired
  • Over/Under block display in Trip View
  • Van/Shuttle departure alert to notify when it's time to leave the hotel
  • Assign crewmembers to position and then pickers will show position related crewmembers to pick from when assigning to flights
  • Improved phone number detection and linking to call from phones in Hotel dialogs
  • Ground transportation phone number field added with tap to call
  • Improved handling of LCR/SCR and RAP related handling
  • Improved performance in CrossCheck data validation
  • Split-View support in supported devices allow APDL to be viewed side by side with other apps
  • View flights associated to Aircraft Types and Tails
  • Ability to delete hotels
  • New "now" buttons on top right of Schedule/Calendar allow easy quick nav back to Today
  • Menu will show a yellow "Sync" when new/changed data is ready to be sent to the cloud
  • Ability to enter airline + flight number such as DAL1234 if deadheading on an airline other than yours to allow AutoFill to retrieve details for the specific flight
  • New options to resync calendar as needed
  • Improved OOOI time entry: Leg will scroll to section for quick input, selected digits improved for quick changes such as hour value doesn't need to be changed, just minutes
  • HUNDREDS more enhancements, bug fixes, and great improvements to this amazing app!

NOTE: If you used APDL 7 previously and your subscription is expired simply install APDL 8 and we'll gift you a new APDL susbscription so you can check it out.  No action required other than to just install APDL 8 from the App Store.  Welcome back!

Click here to download now on the Apple App Store

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